4 September 2021 10:00


It is almost autumn: The leaves change colour and the sun moves further south. It can still be really summery in this period, but usually the average afternoon temperature drops significantly. Very striking at this time of year are the beautiful colours. The sunlight plays with nature and casts a mysterious glow over the world. Life can actually be seen through coloured glasses! Exciting. Immediately we make the link to our collection Coloured by Art© !!!
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9 August 2021 10:00

TWENTIES Table lamps

The team of Art Deco Trade has not been idle! The past few months there has been a lot of visible activity in Lexmond, but behind the scenes there has also been a lot of hard work. With a festive feeling, the TWENTIES Table Lamps are now also introduced! The quality is perfect, all lamps are in stock. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST what beautiful PHOTOS are on the site.....
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16 June 2021 10:00

TWENTIES - 20's lamps

Super, super fun! The 20's ceiling lamps, designed and developed by Art Deco Trade, have been produced! The lamps are now for sale. Magnificently beautiful lamps with crafted glass as an eye-catcher, whereby the glossy fittings (also hand-made) can be chosen in shiny nickel, brass, bronze and matt nickel.
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Romantic MOONLIGHTS at Art Deco Trade

The MOON is a celestial body with a lot of attraction and a source of inspiration for many. The moon can be seen in the sky, sometimes as a full moon, sometimes as a small crescent...

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NEW wall lamps '20's' and Moonlights!

Art Deco Trade proudly presents new lamps! In recent months, we have worked hard on 2 new lines of Art Deco lighting. The names are aptly chosen: The 20's lamps refer to the Roarin...

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Shine and sun!

We are all more happy when the sun is shining! The days are already getting longer and spring is on its way. However, there are still plenty of dark days and the sun sometimes need...

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A Fresh Start

2021 Providing you with: Artistic new models...... Replenishment of sold-out items...... Smooth delivery...... High service.........

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Endless: A Merry Christmas and a COLOURFULL 2021

2020 is almost over and it was an eventful year. In March a mysterious virus changed the world...... Last year was not easy, but the team of Art Deco Trade was able to work with ...

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Nature is the most beautiful work of art on earth. Walking through nature, the willow branches looked so beautiful! Woven together into a gate to walk through, this gave the inspir...

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Make love, not war !

Energetic, powerful and creative. Just very cool. We are talking about the Roundabout series by Coloured by Art©! The ROUNDABOUTS all have a playful design with a geometric interpl...

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Always flowers in the house

A house becomes more colourful when there are flowers on the table. Cosy when you enter. Beautiful colours in all sorts of shades surprise everyone. It's a pity that such a vase wi...

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The Great Gatsby

Celebrate life! Dance the Charleston. Listen to jazz or blues. Put on a flapper dress or waistcoat. Put on a nice hat or decorate yourself with pearls or a long scarf. Love, int...

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Were looking forward to it! Travelling to the most beautiful places and cities. Eating and drinking, relaxing and experiencing culture. The Corona virus limits us, but we can enjoy...

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Vacation time!

It's still vacation time. The children are free from school all over the country and the traveling is starting to start again cautiously ... As mentioned, Art Deco Trade is not clo...

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Endlessly Beautiful

Art Deco Trade is doing well. The innovative collection Coloured by Art© is well received and there is great demand for the models. We are proud of our unique collection....

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Summer news!

A lot of people go on vacation, despite the still prevalent Corona virus. It's good to be somewhere else and not busy with work! Many people prefer to stay at home and look for ...

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News many are waiting for

Good news! Many will be happy to hear this... The bestsellers that are currently temporarily sold out, namely the Glamour, Gatsby and Arata Green, will be available again at the...

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In the mix: time for Tiffany Tulips

Spring is approaching. The perfect opportunity for a fresh decoration and lighting in the interior of your shop, hotel or office. Mix and match fixtures with lighting for a special...

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The holidays are coming. This year Art Deco Trade is closed in week 52 and week 1. Art Deco Trade wishes you as a customer, interested and/or relation a merry Christmas and a happy...

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New models in stock!

A new season requires fresh, innovative styles. Art Deco Trade has supplemented the range with three brand new models and various additions and innovations to existing series - to ...

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The lamps of Art Deco Trade at Dancing With The Stars

Secretly, we're a little proud. Two of our Coloured by Art© models can be seen in the decor of the popular dance show on RTL 4. And that's where almost 1 million people watched las...

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Art Deco Trade Travel Guide | Part 4 Vienna and the Pyrenees

The last part of the summer vacation requires another dose of inspiration for the new season. There are many models available at Art Deco Trade that are inspired by culture, nature...

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Art Deco Trade Travel Guide | Part 3 Glasgow and Mill Run

The summer period: for some, the ideal moment to plan a vacation. The architecture and art styles from all over the world can be a pleasant source of inspiration - certainly in the...

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Art Deco Trade Travel Guide | Part 2 Paris and Amsterdam

Summer time, vacation time! Art Deco Trade brings you in summer and travel mode with our special guide. The second part of the guide shows the popular models that connect to the Fr...

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Art Deco Trade Travel Guide | Part 1 New York and Kyoto

It's time for vacation! Are you going abroad this summer? At Art Deco Trade we love to travel and are therefore inspired by various art and architecture styles abroad. We have prep...

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Florist and/or plant lover? Choose Tiffany!

In 1885 Louis Comfort Tiffany created the glass artwork Flower, Fish and Fruit, with lush flowers and plants. The interplay of the brightly colored flowers and plant leaves with th...

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Save the date: Spring Fair in Lexmond

Our showroom in Lexmond has been expanded! The large assortment of mouth-blown Art Deco lamps, the Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection and the many home accessories can be admired...

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Now online: new Tiffany models!

A world metropolis, colorful butterflies, Japanese influences and geometric surfaces. The common denominator? They can be seen again in the new Coloured by Art© lamps... Read more ...

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This is the best way to take care of a Tiffany lamp

Tiffany Coloured by Art© products are beautiful to see through the many artfully colored pieces of glass. That requires good care!...

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Longing for the Spring? Come to the trade fair!

Temperatures are still winters, but Art Deco Trade is already looking forward to spring. Valentine's Day does not take long anymore and the Spring Fair at De Woonindustrie is appro...

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A sneak preview of 2019

Happy New Year! A fresh new year, with all the opportunities that this entails. The Art Deco Trade team wishes all of the customers and clients a colorful and beautifully illuminat...

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We are open between Christmas and New Year's!

The holidays are close. On both Christmas' Days and on New Years Day we are closed. In between these festivities we would love to assist you. ...

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Now available: brand new Art Deco models

The latest Art Deco lamps from Art Deco Trade are an enrichment of the large assortment. From sumptuous ceiling lights to sleek table lamps and imposing hanging lamps, in all kinds...

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A fresh introduction to Tiffany

From Sunday 16 to Wednesday 19 September the autumn edition of the VAK fair took place in Nieuwegein. Art Deco Trade looks back on a pleasant exhibition time and would like to than...

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New: unique furniture at Art Deco Trade

A Tiffany Colored By Art Lamp is a fantastic eye-catcher. Put it even more in the spotlight by hanging it on or over a beautiful piece of furniture. You also will find amazing cupb...

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Crystal clear! Why real Tiffany products are never made of plastic

Anyone who taps on a beautiful Tiffany cap from Art Deco Trade, will have to get used to the sound and feeling: is that actually real glass? It is one of the greatest fables about ...

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The flowers that are always in bloom

Here at Art Deco Trade, the summer is not quite over yet. This is because fabulous flowers play a major role in some of Tiffany's new products, available starting this fall. Keep r...

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Announcement VAKbeurs and a new, magnificent chandelier

Drum roll... Art Deco Trade is proud to announce one of its new products, the Tiffany Wissmann Jewel. This graciously large chandelier, a true jewel in all of its facets, will be a...

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Holiday feelings at Art Deco Trade

The summer holidays are coming. Get in the right mood with Tiffany and Art Deco lighting....

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New items in stock!

New Tiffany items are available, and the stocks of the sold-out items have also been replenished. This is the right moment to place an order....

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New! Tiffany clocks

The Tiffany Coloured by Art collection has been expanded again! Now including two fantastic Tiffany clocks that can be illuminated. The French Art Deco and Parabola clocks are avai...

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Copyright© & Art Deco Trade

Do you have an eye on Tiffany lighting? Then beware of counterfeits! The original Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection is only available for business customers at Art Deco Trade and...

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Review Spring Fair De Woonindustrie

Anyone who missed Art Deco Trade at the TrendZ Voorjaarsbeurs got another chance from February 4th top 7th, 2018 to admire the Tiffany collection and Art Deco lamps at De Woonindus...

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Review TrendZ Spring Fair

During the TrendZ Spring Fair in Gorinchem we met many (new) customers and interested parties. They were three successful days!...

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We wish you a colourful 2018!

The team at Art Deco Trade wishes you a colorful and atmospheric illuminated new year. We wish all our clients and business relations good business in 2018!...

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Christmas closure 2017

Art Deco Trade is closed during the Christmas holidays, between Christmas and New Years Day. Read on for the details quickly....

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New collection Tiffany!

With pride we present our newest collection of Tiffany lamps and home accessoires....

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Review Autumn Fair

It is with great pleasure that Art Deco Trade looks back to the Autumn Fair at De Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein. We have welcomed many new customers during the atmospheric fair days....

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Visit us at the Autumn Fair!

After a short summer break, Art Deco Trade is up and running again. In September, we will be opening the new season at the VAKbeurs in 'De Woonindustrie' in Nieuwegein. You are cor...

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Holiday closure Summer 2017

Due to summer holidays, Art Deco Trade is closed during week 28, 29 and 30. Continue reading the blogpost....

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De Stijl & Tiffany

The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of De Stijl....

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Spring Fair in April

We will hold our Spring Fair from Monday 3 April to Friday 7 April 2017....

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Spring Fair 2017

Monday, March 13th to Friday, March 17th, we hold our Spring Fair. ...

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Tiffany Lamps with LED

Tiffany Lamps fitted with LED lighting. Perfect for pubs, restaurants, offices, theatres or at home. ...

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Our first trade fair in 2017

Art Deco Trade invites you to come to our first trade fair of 2017!...

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Complete collection Tiffany lamps Fallingwater

Whimsical and Stable
Coming Soon in 2017!...

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An artistic 2017 to you all!

The team of Art Deco Trade wishes you a happy new year!...

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