Announcement VAKbeurs and a new, magnificent chandelier

1 August 2018 11:15
Drum roll... Art Deco Trade is proud to announce one of its new products, the Tiffany Wissmann Jewel. This graciously large chandelier, a true jewel in all of its facets, will be available for purchase next autumn.

Special design

Those who live by the creed 'large, larger, largest' will surely be impressed by the imposing ornament. It's not only the ornament's size, which measures over a meter, to which it owes its enchanting nature; the remarkably shaped pearl glass is dazzling as well. The light's reflection on the differently sized surfaces creates a playful rainbow effect. In all its greatness, the soft colours emanating from the glass still provide the lamp with a romantic and lovely touch.

Chic eye-catcher

The hanging lamp features a special diamond edge, which makes the chandelier into a chic eye-catcher. The closure part displaying a round gemstone shines beautifully, living up to the chandeliers name. All in all, the chandelier is a magnificent asset for any open space, hall, stairwell or hotel of a similar nature. The chandelier can be purchased with LED lighting if preferred. View the hanging lamp here.

Admire it with your own eyes

You can behold the lamp's splendour 'live' during the upcoming autumn fair in Nieuwegein from 17 to 19 September. While there, you can find inspiration in countless other models as well, such as the colourful glass shades of the entire Tiffany collection, as well as the beautifully shaped Art Deco armatures.

Will you come visit the chandelier in our atmospheric showroom in De Woonindustrie? More information about the event is available at their website. Of course, you are also more than welcome to visit the Lexmond showroom by appointment at any time.

Tiffany Wissmann JewelTiffany Wissmann Jewel