Beautiful Autumn shades: See our Art Deco squirrel

1 November 2022 13:00
Autumn is a beautiful season! No excessively high temperatures, but a pleasant autumn sun playing with fantastic hues in yellows, browns to oranges and reds. Rain showers and storms are also part of it. Outside, it's dark earlier, so snuggle up on the sofa with a plaid. And create atmosphere with Tiffany lamps. These "stained glass" lamps Coloured by Art© are like jewellery. Be amazed by the warm hues in the glass!

An imposing tail, a sweet head, beautiful fur. We love spotting a squirrel! The little animal is lightning fast in the forest, jumping from branch to branch in great leaps. Its food may include acorns and seeds, but they also quietly nibble on buds of flowers. In autumn, squirrels stockpile food for the winter and this they hide under leaves in some soil. See our Art Deco squirrel here! The creature doesn't suddenly bolt away, but patiently stays put. Enjoy this light sculpture.

Orange! The colour is created when the colours yellow and red are mixed. Various hues can thus be created, warm colours. Orange reminds us of Indian Summer, a phenomenon that occurs in the months of October and November.

"After-summer" can now be enjoyed all winter..... Look at the sweet squirrel with colourful foliage in orange, yellow and green in an atmospheer of shades of blue.