Coloured by Art©

“Color is to the eye what music is to the ear.” Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)

Tiffany Tafellamp Geometric

Tiffany Wholesale Trader

Fascinated by the colourful world of Tiffany glass, Art Deco Trade, supplier, producer and wholesale trader in Tiffany and Art Deco lighting, releases a completely new and surprising Tiffany collection on the European market. Our unique ‘Tiffany Renewed’ collection Coloured by Art© has Tiffany lighting, Tiffany window panels, Tiffany mirrors and Tiffany light sculptures with contemporary designs in the most sublime colour combinations. Whoever sees the light shine through the dozens or even hundreds of pieces of Tiffany glass is immediately hooked and cannot stay away from it. Influential art styles, such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, formed the source of inspiration behind this renewed collection. Our completely new and modern Tiffany lamps are handmade according to the traditional Tiffany procedure, which is known for its precision, high quality and artistry. 

Art Deco Lighting

Besides the Tiffany collection, Art Deco Trade also has a large collection of Art Deco lamps Twenties and Moonlights made of mouth-blown glass. Their designs are based on the expressionistic shapes of the Art Deco period and Amsterdam School style. There are also lamps in which shapes from the Functionalist movement can be discovered and where Bauhaus and The Stijl also appeal to the imagination. These lamps are often classified as Gispen lamps.

   Chrysler Empire Lamp

Target audience

As a manufacturer and wholesale dealer in Tiffany lighting, Tiffany decorations and Art Deco lighting, Art Deco Trade aims for business customers that are looking for exclusive lighting and decoration for various projects. Professionals and dealers, such as architects, interior stylists, project developers, decorators, electricians, contractors, shop owners and other business entrepreneurs, can choose from lighting and decorations in various art styles at Art Deco Trade.



Our cleverly thought out, unique designs can be used in the food service industry, B&Bs, furniture shops, offices, museums, theatres, shops, public buildings and privately-owned houses. Lighting shops, interior shops, antique shops and other shops can expand their collections with our unique Tiffany lamps, Tiffany mirrors, Tiffany window panels and Art Deco lamps. Due to our long-standing experience with the lighting and interior branch, we know how important lighting is for the appearance of your company or building. With our expertise in the area of technique, art history and decorating, no lighting plan is to large or complex for us. 

Tiffany producer

Art Deco Trade is a producer and wholesale trader in Tiffany lighting and decorations as well as Art Deco Lighting. For lighting applications aimed at stylistic periods.