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12 March 2018 12:00
Do you have an eye on Tiffany lighting? Then beware of counterfeits! The original Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection is only available for business customers at Art Deco Trade and for individuals at official Art Deco Trade dealers.

Our own unique designs

All lamps from the Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection are unique designs and unique in Europe. Putting such a fantastic and innovative Tiffany collection on the market unfortunately means that counterfeiting happens. This is why Art Deco Trade likes to tell you what to look out for when buying Tiffany lighting.

Highest quality requirements

The Tiffany Coloured by Art© collection is made according to the highest quality standards. Special types of glass in a wide range of colours form the basis of the Tiffany collection. The Tiffany lamps, Tiffany mirrors and Tiffany window panels from Art Deco Trade are professionally manufactured by means of the authentic Tiffany technique. This is a process that demands a lot of patience, expertise and precision from the manufacturer. During this process, special attention is paid to the best and most beautiful proportions. In the case of counterfeit Tiffany lamps you can tell from the sometimes strange proportions, for example a glass shade that is too small in comparison to the foot, that it is not an original Tiffany Coloured by Art© lamp, panel or mirror. If in doubt, contact us.

Certificate and packaging

A Tiffany lamp, mirror or panel from Art Deco Trade is professionally packaged and shipped with a Coloured by Art© certificate and maintenance instructions. This certificate always has the Art Deco Trade logo. The Art Deco Trade logo is also printed on the packaging of an original Tiffany Coloured by Art© product.

So pay attention to:

• Quality

• Proportions

• Coloured by Art© certificate of authenticity

• Art Deco Trade logo on packaging and certificate

• Maintenance instructions

Copyright texts and photos

All texts and photos on the Art Deco Trade website are our own texts and photographs, which are automatically protected by law by means of copyright. It is, therefore, forbidden by law to copy texts and photos without permission from Art Deco Trade.

If you, as a business or private customer, have any questions, for example about the nearest Art Deco Trade dealer, please contact us. You can find our address details under contact.