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Pendant Lamps

Tiffany Pendant Lamps Tiffany pendant lamps are perfect for hanging above a tab...


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Hanging lamps on a cord

Tiffany pendant lamps on a black linen cord order easily and directly. At Art De...


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 Tiffany chandeliers are ideal for placement above a table or a bar or as a grou...


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Lights on beam / Billiards

Yes, that is what I am looking for! Many people will exclaim. Nice lamps above a...


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Ceiling Lamps

Tiffany Ceiling Lamps A showpiece for the ceiling: a Tiffany ceiling lamp by Ar...


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Really nice! Art Deco Trade has also added spotlights in its Coloured by Art© co...


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Table Lamps

Tiffany Table Lamps The collection of Tiffany table lamps by Art Deco Trade is ...


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Floor Lamps

Tiffany Floor Lamps A floor lamp or standing lamp by Tiffany creates an invitin...


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Wall Lamps

Wall Lamps Tiffany wall lamps are perfect for illuminating certain places or co...


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Separate Components

Separate Components Beside our complete Tiffany lamps, Art Deco Trade also offe...


Tiffany Lamps COLOURED BY ART©

Tiffany Lamps

Due to their fascination with the colourful world of Tiffany glass, Art Deco Trade releases a completely new and surprising Tiffany collection on the European market.

Our unique ‘Tiffany Renewed’ collection  has Tiffany lighting with contemporary designs in the most sublime colour combinations.

Coloured by Art© 

Those who see the light shine through the dozens or even hundreds of pieces of Tiffany glass is immediately hooked and cannot keep their eyes of them.

Our completely new and modern Tiffany lamps are handmade according to the traditional Tiffany procedure which excels in precision, quality and artistry.

In this collection you will find Tiffany Hanging Lamps, Tiffany Ceiling Lamps, Tiffany Table Lamps, Tiffany Wall Lamps and Tiffany Floor Lamps. All of them eye-catchers. Tiffany lamps have an atmospheric light due to the coloured glass, but even when switched off they are a feast to the eye. Are you, as a business customer, interior designer or store owner, looking for striking and unique light objects, based on art historical styles? Then there is a good chance that you will succeed at wholesale trader Art Deco Trade. Tiffany lighting helps you make a statement in your interior or business. Tiffany lighting creates image!

In the past century, Tiffany lamps have proven never to go out of style. Lovers of Tiffany lamps are always looking for innovative models to extend their collection. Besides, the collection of Art Deco Trade, particularly the geometrical collection, is a perfect introduction to the world of Tiffany.

Nearly all glass lampshades can be used as hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps or floor lamps. The category Separate Components has lamp bases and chains that are available so that you can combine the glass lampshades and fittings the way that you want to. Have a look around or extensive collection of Tiffany lamps "Coloured by Art©" and let yourself be surprised.