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The necklaces of Coloured by Art© are wonderful. The designs are based on the f...


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Art Deco Trade offers a beautiful collection of jewellery with pearls. Natural pearls are in fact so beautiful in hue. The white freshwater pearls are iridescent and reflect - when light shines on them - the colours of the rainbow. Furthermore, there are black Tahiti pearls that show grey, blue and very dark green shades (peacock green). Super interesting are the irregular Keshi pearls to create artistic jewels. The capricious shapes (each one is unique) lend themselves perfectly to the creation of an organic piece of jewellery. Nature offers so much inspiration!

An ode to pearls, but not forgetting that these gems flourish in Art Nouveau or Art Deco jewellery. A pearl can be the centrepiece of the necklace, give an extra accent to the shape or just function as a wobbly closing piece at the bottom of the pendant. Round pearls and drop-shaped pearls in various sizes are used to give the jewellery a harmonious design. The pearl is deliberately placed in Art Nouveau or Art Deco jewellery, not just to emphasise its glamour and preciousness, but as an essential part of the design. Not to mention that the luster of the mother-of-pearl makes the jewellery appear mysterious and exciting!

All the jewellery is signed: Marked Coloured by Art©, master signature a small owl.

All jewellery is made of Sterling silver 925, rhodium plated, yellow gold plated or rose gold plated.

Advantages of rhodium plating: Protection against scratches, extra shine, the silver does not discolour and polishing is not necessary.