• 3 light Chandelier Lovely Blue Lotus

3 light Chandelier Lovely Blue Lotus

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This playful and romantic three-light chandelier shown here with 3 times the Blue Lotus.

The Blue Lotus is exciting and mysterious. This blue water lily appeals to everyone's imagination. The flower was already sacred in Egyptian antiquity. The flower symbolized light (the sun), because the petals open during the day and the chalice is closed at night.

Beautiful, say this Tiffany Lotus! The blue glass shows purple hues when illuminated. The combination with the fresh green aquatic plant leaves at the base is perfect.

Self-assured, Coloured by Art© proudly presents this shiny glass chalice in combination with a 3-light chandelier.

The chandelier has a diameter of 80 cm.
3 x E-27

EAN 8720847574374

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