Original and Unique

Art Deco Trade produces Tiffany lighting and Art Deco lighting. Every model is based on our own designs. This means that the lamps and decorations displayed on this website are original and exclusively available at Art Deco Trade. When it comes to catering to projects, it is possible to hand in your own proposition for lighting or decorative elements. Our designers can research the ideas and possibilities and they can draw up the design in collaboration with the client. After an agreement this can lead to production. This way, a complete lighting plan can be designed to your own taste and needs while it can be created according to the traditional Tiffany procedure. All Art Deco lamps are mouth-blown.

Customised Lighting Projects

Art Deco Trade makes it possible to produce customised Tiffany lighting and Art Deco lighting for large projects. The collection featured on this website can be a source of inspiration for the desired lamps, but you can also hand in a design that is entirely your own. The possibilities are diverse. Think, for instance, about the size and colours: the lamps and panels can be made in large sizes and in every possible colours. Art Deco Trade can come visit to give advice and to help think with the client on whether the lighting plan can be realised. When it comes to technique, various choices can be made, such as built-in LED lighting. Good examples are the sleek Tiffany ceiling lamps with LED: perfect for lighting up rooms in an atmospheric way.

Our Clients

Art Deco Trade is the place to be when it comes to substantial lighting projects. With our many years of experience in the lighting industry and our knowledge of the trade, both creatively and technically, we are a reliable partner for project developers, (indoor) architects and other entrepreneurs that are looking for a unique supplier for a large lighting plan. We create atmospheric lighting for hotels or restaurants and pubs, offices, holiday/wellness resorts, or spas, apartment buildings, cinemas, theatres, casinos, retirement homes, health facilities, living facilities and other projects that require a large amount of original and impressive Tiffany lamps and/or Art Deco lamps. Feel free to contact us and inform about the possibilities for customised project lighting