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Tiffany Floor Lamp Rising Sun Uplighter

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An atmospheric Tiffany Art Deco floor lamp. The glass lampshade exists of a lovely pattern of geometric pieces of glass which creates the effect of a fan or the sun. The glass has warm colours. The lamp base forms a lovely unit with the glass lampshade. The latter is an uplighter which means that people do not get blinded by the light. This lamp has the perfect height which makes the floor lamp very suitable for placing it into a corner or as a trophy next to doors. Naturally, the lamp would also look great next to a sofa or armchair. It can perfectly be combined with Tiffany lamps and the Frank Lloyd Wright panel of the Geometric series.

Fitted with 1 x E-27 socket.

grip size grip size E-27
Sockets 1 X E 27
Material Metal, Glass
EAN 8719324990301

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